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About Us

We all live in Oklahoma and so we call Little Sahara our home! The community, the awesome weekends, the campfires, all the mouth fulls of sand, and the endless amounts of fun we have each trip inspired us to take our hobby a step further. With a growing Instagram page, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel in the making, we want to create a brand that everybody can share and enjoy. Everybody, no matter what they ride is welcome to send in their favorite pictures and videos to be featured on our pages! Dune Addiction is a lifestyle brand for anyone and everyone who loves the sand as much as we do. We love this lifestyle, and want to see & share as much of it as we can. Join the family now!

Meet the Team:



Destyn is the master mechanic/website developer/and product designer (for the most part.) You can follow Destyn on Instagram @Destyn_Velez

So anyways get on the sand and SEND IT! (and record it so we can post it)

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